About us

We are a friendly group of amateur flautists who meet to rehearse weekly and give regular public performances. We meet in the West End of Glasgow on a Tuesday evening from 7.15pm to 9.15 pm.

We are lucky to have two very talented conductors:  Aisling Agnew and Rachel Forbes.  They lead us through a wide repetoire from classical to rock and everything in between.

We are open to any players who can read music and are of a standard of around Grade 4 or above. Drop us an email at info@flutephonics.org.uk  and we’ll arrange for you to attend a rehearsal to see what you think.

We give regular public performances, often in aid of various charities, in Glasgow and surrounding areas.


Flute Phonics is a registered Scottish charity: Registration Number SC047931.

One thought on “About us”

  1. Wondered if any of your members or flute playing friends/offspring would like to join this traditional music class next session. I am just a member – a mandolin player, so no financial interest at all but it would be lovely to have a flute or two to support us melody players! We only have a couple of fiddles, 3 mandolins and the rest, at the moment, are bouzouki or guitar players so strong on harmony/accompaniment. Only about a dozen folk altogether and our current room, anyway, is only big enough for about 15 (Notre Dame Primary School). Lovely range of music – it has only been going for one term but we have covered an interesting range of fairly straightforward pieces, I think. A really friendly group – light-hearted, no stressful difficult pieces! I think John Cradden, who is the tutor, is hoping to start up a larger mixed instrument group after the summer. Anyway, I wondered if you would be kind enough to pass this round to any of your members who might be interested (no conflict – different night!)

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